About Us

Coastline Auto was established in 1998 to create a full service, motor vehicle salvage company catering to client and insurance companies needs. Due to sound management and astute business strategy, the company has experienced significant growth and is currently one of the largest independent motor vehicle salvage contractors in Kwa-Zulu Natal. By cultivating sound relationships with our business partners, Coastline Auto has become a key player in a highly competitive market.

The team at Coastline Auto are a dynamic group with diverse skills and varying backgrounds. Whilst we all bring unique and individual attributes to the table, we have a common vision, understanding and most importantly, an undiluted passion for our business.

Service is our passion. It is the ethos that drives our people. This passion permeates throughout the company, from the top, down, and is, by and large, the cornerstone on which we have built our success. Our management style is conclusive and consultative, which facilitates a constant two way flow of communication and ensures a cohesive mindset that, in turn, keeps us all on track in achieving our goals and maintaining impetus.

Skills development and personal growth are critical to the productivity and prosperity of our staff. Coastline Auto recognises the need to equip our people with the necessary expertise, opportunity and skills to satisfy these requirements. By constantly involving our staff in all implimentation plans we ensure that the needs and aspirations of all concerned are met, in an atmosphere of understanding and mutual respect.

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